Become A Speaker Contest

We are very pleased to announce the four winners of our "Become a Speaker" competition. Congrats to Vinay Bhide, Amely Hartmann, Yue Sa, Sofya Sadilina! They will share the virtual stage with well-known faces from the field of regenerative dentistry on February 2! Many thanks to the other applicants who submitted their great videos.


Yue Sa (China)
Sofya Sadilina (Russia)
Amely Hartmann (Germany)
Vinay Bhide (Canada)

Candidates in alphabetic order

Helene Arnal (France)
Vinay Bhide (Canada)
Emmanuel Gallese (France)
Luiz Gonzaga (United States)
Amely Hartmann (Germany)
Fumihiko Kimura (Japan)
David Palombo (Spain)
Andrea Pizzini (United States)
Yue Sa (China)
Sofya Sadilina (Russia)
Ivan Salarić (Croatia)
Liliana Silva (Portugal)
Marcio Tokarski (Brazil)
Namratha Umesh (India)
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