Geistlich vLab hands-on workshop

1050 participants actively took part in the virtual hands-on workshop on ridge preservation presented by Ronald Jung. The atendees watched on their screens at home and took part themselves using a mouth model and biomaterials provided by Geistlich. 

Every dentist is confronted on a daily basis with the question: what to do with extraction sockets? Millions of extractions are performed worldwide and no clear strategies and indications regarding ridge preservation are available.

Strategies for managing extraction sockets can either try to preserve hard and soft tissue or try to optimize hard and soft tissue by grafting procedures. Based on new techniques to evaluate volume changes over time different therapies will be evaluated and qualified. During the short lecture the advantages and the limitations of different techniques will be discussed.

Today’s possibilities to regenerate hard and soft tissues by means of bone substitutes and soft tissue alternatives will be presented. Based on an overall comparison of the different techniques for hard and soft tissue preservation clinical concepts for various situations will be defined.

Geistlich vLab workshop kit

Included in the Geistlich vLab workshop kit are:

  • Mouth model
  • Geistlich Biomaterials (non-sterile; not for use in patients)
  • Dappen dish